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Random Photos of Pattaya to give you an idea of the everyday life here.

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I'm sure you've heard of Walking Street and maybe even the gogo bars.

Isn't there more to the city to that?

You bet there is.

Sure there are and will always be beautiful Thai women in this city.

But you can also enjoy the every-day life of the locals.

You might even like to take part in some of the cultural events.

You could even want to get outside of Pattaya and check out the nearby sights!

Whatever you choose to do - get a quick look at things you can enjoy in and near the city.

random photo of Pattaya

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Beautiful Thai Girl on Beach Rd

beautiful Thai girl on Beach road

Parade On The King's Birthday

King's birthday parade in Pattaya

Beautiful Thai Girl In Pattaya

another beautiful Thai girl

Parade on Beach Road

parade on Pattaya's beach road

Yes there are beautiful girls but there are also cultural events and celebrations worth checking out.  In fact sometimes you don't have much of a choice (as with the King's birthday.)

Celebrating The King's Birthday

Celebrating The King's Birthday

King's Birthday At The Pier

the King's birthday at the pier

Friendship Market Pattaya

friendship market pattaya

Soi Buakaow Market Pattaya

fun Soi Buakaow market

One thing you might enjoy is celebrating the King's birthday.  Feel free to check out the festivities.  You'll see a lot of Thais out doors at this event (and closed bars.)   Want to go shopping?  The Friendship Market is full of different goods and foods. 

Tukcom Pattaya

Tuckom shopping center in Pattaya

View at the Pier

the view of the Pier in Pattaya


the Penthouse Hotel Pattaya

Alcazar Pattaya

the Alcazar in Pattaya

Want to buy electronics or use an ATM?  Tukcom has both and a lot of choices too.  I don't recommend buying a computer there though!  You might have pirated software installed which doesn't tend to work well.  Otherwise go for a walk and check out the peer or a Ladyboy show at the Alcazar.

Going Home from School

kid going home from school

School Girls Music Class

school girls in music class

Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

Vanilla coconut icecream!

Delicious Sticky Rice & Mango

delicious sticky rice and mang

Enjoy watching the locals as they go about their day.  Do be sure to try out delicious Sticky Rice & Mango!  Always a treat in Thailand and nowhere can you find it as good as at the local spots.

Big Buddha Mountain

big Buddha mountain

Sunset Jomtien Beach

Jomtien beach sunset

Fisherboat in Pattaya

fisherboat on Pattaya

Ananya Condos Naklua

Ananya Condos in Naklua

Take a trip outside of the city to Big Buddha Mountain.  It's close by and well worth a trip.  It's the biggest image of Buddha in the world.  While on your drive there enjoy the view from the beach!

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