Girl Thumbs
in Pattaya...

The girl thumbs below have been taken on 23rd January at the International Mardi Gras in Pattaya.  Click on them for a bigger version.

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Check out how the girls look and why many people love coming here.

Vacations are much more fun when you have lovely ladies by your side.

At this Mardi Gras festival you get girls from different parts of Thailand.

This might be a great time for you to come to the country.

Granted you'll have to book early because January is in the high season. 

This means that your chances of finding a ticket or hotel at the last minute are slim.

So what will you see at this Mardi Gras? 

Let's take a look!

12 Girl Thumbs For You To Enjoy

Pattaya girls

You'll love the festive mood that these women can get into this time of year. 

Not only that but the weather is just right this time of year!

There are than just pretty girls here.  You'll also get

 • drinks drinks and more drinks

 • live music

 • the beach

Click on the pictures below and they'll open up on a new page.

Girls Dancing

Pattaya girls dancing

Thai Girls Posing

traditional Thai girls posing

More Girls Posing

Pattaya Girls Posing

Girls Hold Hands

Pattaya girls holding hands

Everybody will be wearing costumes.  Whether they'll be dressed in traditional clothing or in "Pattaya fashion" - you'll find many different types of outfits.  Think of it as a 'fun' version of halloween.

Dancers Posing

Thai dancers posing

Thai Movie Stars

Thai movie stars

Pattaya Bar Girl

Pattaya bar girls

Girls Smiling

Pattaya girls smiling

Yes - you'll get the chance to see Thai movie celebrities and pop stars.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll get to watch some beautiful women dancing to the music of popular Thai rockers or bands.

Mardis Gras

Thai girls in Mardi Gras

Pattaya Girls

Pattaya bar girls

Pattaya Ladyboy

Pattaya Ladyboy

3 Bar Girls

3 Sai Gon Bar Girls

One of the things you'll get to do is to ask yourself "is this a ladyboy?" a lot.  There will be so many beautiful women that these girl thumbs don't do justice.  You'll have times where you'll wonder if you should get attracted or not (or if you like ladyboys then it's already clear.)

In any case this festival is a lot of fun.  If you can come for the International Mardi Gras then you'll have a memorable experience with beautiful ladies!

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