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These Songkran in Pattaya images have been taken with an underwater camera.

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It is impossible to take such close ups without an underwater camera.

When you come to Pattaya's Songkran you'll understand.

It starts around the 13th of April and the last day is on the 19th.

Sometimes it's hard to make it through all crowds armed with water guns.

That's okay - we've been able to get through and give you an exclusive look at one of Thailand's most exciting holidays!

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Songkran in Pattaya 2009...same as today

Songkran In Pattaya Images

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Girl Dancing

Girl dancing

Thai Girl Dance

Thai girl dance

Ladyboy Dance

Ladyboy dance

Pattaya Dancing

Thai girl dancing during Songkran in Pattaya

If you ever make it to Songkran you'll get to watch beautiful women (and ladyboys) dance it out all wet.  This is the only time they can get 'hot and bothered' in public.

You'll also hear loud popular music from either the West or Isaan.  I don't recommend riding a scooter into town on these days.  You're bound to get blasted with water from all directions.  The roads will be slippery and crowded too.

Wet Pattaya Girls

wet Pattaya girls

Dancing On Truck

some truck dancing

3 Thai Girls

3 Thai girls

Woman Songkran

woman having fun during Songkran

more ladies dancing on the street or on the truck.  Beware of the trucks!  Usually they are armed with a full barrel of water and people excited to blast it to the next passer by.

Be sure to have everything valuable in a plastic bag so that it doesn't get wet.  If you're also concerned about getting sick I recommend wearing eye goggles too.  You can easily catch the wrong bacteria if you get blasted in the eye (not to mention your vision fo ra bit.)

Beach Dancing

beach road dancing

Ladyboy Soi 8

dancing ladyboy on soi 8

Watergun Armed

Watch out! They are armed and...dangerous

Girls Soi 8

people celebrating on soi 8

If you're at the beach for Songkran you'll also get to see a big party.  It's a lot of fun and if you don't have a water gun you can always get water from the shore. 

Watch The Videos Of Songkran Pattaya 2009!

Here is another video of all the fun things you'll see and do during this time of year.

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