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Bangkok Airport to Pattaya

Take use of the popular Bell Travel Service when going to Pattaya.

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I get so many requests and inquiries about their services  that I decided to put up one page about them and their location in Pattaya.

It will make a great reference page for readers of this Web Site and Pattaya visitors alike.

The demand for their service speaks for itself.

It is the best, most convenient way to travel from Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya.

Of course you can go back to the Bangkok Airport with them when you leave.

Book Online With Bell Travel Service

bell travel service pattaya

Get your Pattaya Travel plans ready by emailing them.

You can also call them if you prefer and their phone numbers is on that page as well.

Take a look at their Time Table so you can co-ordinate your travel plans.

People email me and tell me how grateful they were for the info.

They simply 

 • arrived at the Bangkok airport

 • walked to Door 7 Level 1 at Bangkok airport and

 • found the Bell Travel AirCon Bus as promised

If only every trip to a new country could be so smooth.

Where Is Their Office And What Will I Ride?

office of bell travel service pattaya
ride of bell travel service pattaya

Their office location in Pattaya is on North Pattaya Road (Pattaya Nua).

It's at the Air Conditioned Bus Terminal Pattaya-Bangkok.

If you come from Naklua Dolphin Roundabout it will be on your left hand side, past 3rd Road and maybe 1/2 mile before Sukhumvit Road.

The Mini Buses that pick up and drop off at the Bell Travel Service Office in Pattaya.

Guarantee a Safe Journey To Your Hotel

I strongly recommend booking a ride in advance if this is your first time in Thailand.  It will make sure that you're all taken care of.  This is a professional company that has worked with expats before.  Check out an example of a 'Bell Travel' confirmation you'll receive within minutes of booking with them.

In any case I wish you a safe trip to Thailand and that you have a fun time in this part of the world.

I sure do!

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