Electricity in Thailand
...Before You Plug Them In

Electricity in Thailand is 220V - 50Hz.

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If your electrical device does not accept 220 Volts at 50 Hertz you will need a voltage converter.

Electronic and/or electrical equipment and devices from Japan or the USA may not work in Thailand even though you may be able to plug them in.

There may be a fire risk and you could damage the device or appliance.

So what can you bring with you to keep your equipment in good shape?

Get An All-Purpose Adapter When Not Sure

electricity in thailand plug adaptors

If you are unsure you should bring a step-down voltage converter - 240V to 220V.

There are many electronic devices nowadays that accept 100V-240V 50-60Hz inputs and will convert the voltage automatically.

Take a look at the electrical information on the box that is part of your power cord, on the device or user manual.

electricity in thailand socket

The electricity generating authority in Thailand gave us two kinds of plugs:

 • the two flat blade prong type

 • the two pin type

Plug adapters are cheap and readily available in stores and in the street in Thailand and they cost around 50-100 Baht.

Stores in most airports sell universal travel adapters as well. Some outlets/receptacles in remodeled or new buildings in Thailand will also accept the two flat blades with ground pin plug.

In many older buildings in Thailand not a lot of thought went into placement of outlets/receptacles and sometimes you will find bathrooms without power supply or 1 outlet for a large living room.

Outlets in Thailand can be very loose fitting and even fall out of the outlet with the added weight of an adapter.

What Else You Should Know

Power Outages

It does happen that thunderstorms cause power outages that may last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours which can be interesting when you are stuck in an elevator.


Most laptops and battery chargers are dual voltage and only require a plug adapter as shown above. Save your work frequently if you work on a computer because of above mentioned power outages especially during thunderstorms. You may also want to use a surge protector.

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