Car Rental in Pattaya, Thailand
How It Works

Setting up a car rental in Pattaya Thailand is simple.

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The challenge is making sure you know

 • what price is acceptable

 • where to go to rent a car

 • what you can expect to happen

Arm yourself with this knowledge and you'll have the freedom to travel Thailand. 

Also enjoy the safety of the car's 4 bumpers protecting you.

Rest easy about the road - it's well developed and there are directions everywhere.

So how do we get started?

Car Rental in Pattaya Thailand Price

car rental in pattaya thailand options

Car rental prices in Thailand are usually between 500 Baht to 2500 Baht a day depending on the vehicle's

 • model

 • age

 • size

In Pattaya you can find car rentals just about anywhere between beach road and 3rd road.

Private car rental places in Pattaya are a little cheaper than the larger outfits. However, you may want to consider renting from a larger company which will provide proper rental insurance.

Where To Go To Rent a Car For The First Time

Some people rent cars at the Bangkok airport.  You can also make a reservation online with Orbitz without paying in advance.

You can choose from four companies

 • Hertz

 • Sixt

 • Budget

 • Avis

If you are coming to Thailand for the first time I would not suggest to drive on your own.

Make Sure You Do These 3 Things

Most rental places will require you to pay upfront plus sometimes a deposit of several thousand Baht.

When renting a car walk around the car and make sure to take pictures of any existing damage or ask for an undamaged vehicle.

I always make sure that I receive a car with a full tank as it is much easier to return the car with a full tank than trying to match a fuel level.

A foreigner driving in Thailand is required to either have an International Driver's License (IDL) or else get a Thai driver's license to drive.

Many policemen will be satisfied if you produce a Driver's license from your home country when you are being stopped but I am not sure how that may play out in case of an accident.

Don't go on price only and make sure the car has proper commercial/Rental insurance and ask to see a copy of the policy. If the vehicle is not properly insured, in case of an accident the driver is kept liable for all claims.

Put a copy of the insurance policy in the car, along with a copy of the car registration book and make sure you also have the telephone number of the insurance company.

Make Driving in Thailand Safe

Thailand has an excellent network of well maintained roads and highways between all main centers.

Almost all of the north south routes are dual carriage way.

Road signage follows international convention and is in both Thai and English.

Unless you know where you are going I wouldn't recommend night driving. Motor bikes can on occasion be a hazard...particularly as they are often ridden into oncoming traffic! 

In any case watch out for these kinds of accidents when driving in Pattaya.

While you're at it be careful for these 3 signs because the police will be watching out for you...

Care For These 3 Signs and 7 Road Rules

Don't Pass

Stop For Police Check


  • The maximum speed varies between 80 and 120 km/h (52-60 mph) on expressways and country roads
  • In Thailand you are required to drive on the left hand side of the road
  • All insurance is invalid if a driver exceeds the legal alcohol limit.
  • Wearing of seat belts is compulsory and drink driving laws apply
  • The maximum speed limit in cities and towns is 60km/h (35 mph)
  • Police regularly check motorists speed
  • keep an eye for 'one way streets' (especially between beach road and 2nd road)

In any case have a good time driving around Pattaya and stay safe to avoid these serious accidents!

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