Relax at Udon Thani Thailand...
An Quick Break From Pattaya

Get information about Udon Thani Thailand and decided for yourself if it's worth checking out.

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If you thought Pattaya had it all...

This part of Isaan brings a lot of tourists with its

 • slower pace of life

 • friendlier Thais

 • beautiful parks

 • night markets

 • and genuine smiles that Thailand is known for

This city is still somewhat of a hidden gem and is not mentioned often in travel guides yet.

No doubt this will change.

Why You Should Consider Udon Thani Thailand

The signs of growth are visible. Already more and more expats discover Udon as a new retirement home or for long time visits.

Not only is this city the transport hub for the surrounding provinces but it's also an agricultural market center.

If you stay only a day or for a few days you may want to explore the area close to the Bus station. You will give you enough info here to find your way around for your first couple of days in this city.

Go From Pattaya To Udon Thani

From Pattaya to Udon Thani is the same bus route as you would take if you go from Pattaya to Nongkhai Thailand. The bus station is on Sukhumvit road in Pattaya. Go up Pattaya Klang up to Sukhumvit Road and take a left. The bus station is right on the first Gas station about 200 Meters from Pattaya Klang.

The bus from Pattaya to Udon is coming from Rayong, going to KhonKaen, Udon Thani and then Nong Khai (route 407). The bus trip takes about 11 hours. I left at 8:00 P.M and arrived in Nong Khai around 7:00 A.M the next Morning.

There are several buses leaving daily. fares for the Bus from Pattaya to NongKhai is 450 Baht. If you are going straight to the Laotian border you can take a Tuk Tuk from the bus station. You may want to buy a ticket a day or two in advance.

Sleep - Hotels - Guesthouses

There is an array of guesthouses for you to choose from. Just walk around the Prajak Road and you can find decent places for 250-350 Baht.

Explore The City Nightlife

Udon has a nightlife that does not compare to places like Bangkok or Pattaya.

That being said - it has a growing number of farang bars and also Night clubs that foreigners and Thais go to.  There are also a number of bars where Thai Ladies can be bar fined and by exploring the area you will find that in Udon not all girls are girls (If Katoeys is what "blows your skirt up" you will find them here as well).

Most of the nightlife is happening around the Prajak Road and Tikatthanon Road near the Bus station on Sai Uthit Road. Freelancers are walking the streets at night and they are easy to spot and talk to. If you follow the Prajak Road to the end you will find the Railway station.

Check Out The Railway Station

udon thani thailand railway station

In that area you will find the night market where you can shop till you drop and you can eat a wonderful variety of good Thai food at the market too.

If you explore the area there you will find many farang bars.

One of the nicest bars in my opinion is Fuzzy Ken's.

Pick up a map of Udon Thani at this bar which is also guesthouse and a library.

Get a Thai Massage

Along Prajak Road ladies who sit outside Massage parlors will greet you warmly.

An hour of Thai massage is somewhere around 100-150 Baht.  Even though on my visits I have never had a massage in Udon Thani I have been told some of these places are very clean and offer excellent Thai massages.

Get Around Udon Thani Thailand

This city offers several options of cheap and easy transportation. Like anywhere in Thailand it is best to agree on a price before you jump on the back of a motorbike taxi or into the back of a Saamlaw (three wheeled taxis).

Motorized saamlaws will cost you around 25 Baht to over 100 Baht depending on where you are going. There are 2 main city buses (white and yellow colored). Bus fares range from 10-15 Baht. SongTaews are as common in Udon as in most Cities in Thailand and cost in Udon 10 Baht within the city and 15 Baht for longer trips and a little more after dark.

Wave a songtaew down, jump on, and ring a bell when you want to get off. Make sure you have change on you which will make it easy for you and the driver.

After dark: The only means of transportation will be a "saamlaw" (a special type of cart) and the fare is best agreed upon before embarking on your journey.

While you're in the area consider going to Nongkhai Thailand too.

In any case - have a fun and safe trip!

Save These Important Phone Numbers For Udon Thani Thailand

Ambulance / Fire / Police: 191
Ambulance and rescue: 1669
Alcoholics Anonymous: 087-1922-253 / 086-7145-568 / 085-0109-162
Highway Police: 042-2951-55
Tourist Police: 042-211291 / 1155 /
Tourist Office: 042-325406-7
Nongkhai Immigration: 042-420242
Health Line: 1675

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