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Rock Music Videos

Check out Loso - some of the best Thai rock you could hear.

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Seksan Sukpimay aka Loso is the

 • singer

 • guitarist 

 • composer

of the Thai Rock Band 'Loso'.

The band came together in the mid-1990s in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Name Loso is a word play on hi-so or high society, Thai slang of the upper class/high society.

In 2003 Loso broke up and Sek Loso became a solo act.

It is one of the first successful Thai bands to win Fans in the international music scene.

Check out Som Sarn - probably one of his most famous songs.

koey ruk chan bang mai

Tab Kard Jai. One of the earlier recordings of Loso.

Prong Nee

Sek Loso Comes To Pattaya

loso in Pattaya

Did you like the Thai Rock? 

Loso does come to Pattaya from time to time. 

Check around for posters like the one on the right.

If you're lucky you might just catch him.

In any case - have fun listening to his music!

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