Art Street Pattaya City
The Artist's Group

You find the Art Street Pattaya right next - alongside - the Mike's Shopping Mall.

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Between Pattaya Beach Road and Second Road.

The entrance on second road is right across the Kiss Restaurant.

You'll find a lot of beautiful

 • tattoos

 • artwork

 • tattoo parlors

 • and more

Art Street on Second Road

art street pattaya

Art Street on Beach Road

art street pattaya

It's an alley of about 20-250 meters lined with little art shops and tattoo studios. There are more art shops and tattoo studios in Pattaya but not as condensed as in this little alley next to the Mike's shopping mall.

It is easy to find since it is right off beach road. Anybody knows where Mike's shopping mall is.

What You'll Find Here

art street pattaya

Paintings, drawings, graphic designs, tattoos, framing and more... I think you will be pleasantly surprised about some of the artists. Very skillful artists and most of them have plenty of examples in their little shops.

I am not into tattoos and I am not able to recommend a tattoo artist but I myself would never get a Thai tattoo at the beach.

In my humble opinion a beach is not the right steril environment for an "operation" and I am always surprised to see foreigners get tattooed on the Pattaya beach close by.

Art Festival in Pattaya

For more about Information on Thai Tattoos, the Arts Festival in the city and Jimmy Wong's 2nd annual Thai tattoos arts festival in this city which hosted more than 200 tattoo artists from around the world.

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