When Serviced Apartments in
Pattaya Aren't A Good Idea

Think about renting one of the many serviced apartments in Pattaya?

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If you're going to be on vacation - why not get a place where everything is taken care of?

At any Pattaya serviced apartment you can get

 • room service

 • laundry done for you

 • a place you can call your own for a while

So when would this not be a good option for you?

After staying at one and watching my friends spend their vacations in one - this is what I've found.

Most Pattaya Serviced Apartments Make You Pay a Premium

Since the building will be doing everything for you - you'll be expected to pay premium prices.  I'm not just talking about the services but also for the

 • electricity and water

 • air conditioning and parking

 • room rates

In one case I had to pay a third of my 'rent' in electricity and water charges alone! 

Granted some places are cheaper than others...but then you'll be paying in location issues (far away from transportation) or building problems.  My friend's serviced apartment had the shower water leak to his bedroom...so the floor was always soaked!

So if you're on a budget you might not want to go for serviced apartments in Pattaya.

When else would it not be a good idea?

A Serviced Apartment in Pattaya Are Only Recommended If

You plan on staying a month.  If you plan on staying a few days or weeks then you might want to get a hotel room.  In fact you can even bargain with the hotel for a discount on the rooms if you're staying longer.

condos or serviced apartments in pattaya

If you're staying longer than a month (say 3 months) then I recommend getting a condo. 

For one thing you'll be able to get a much cheaper price (or a better deal depending on what works for you.)

Check out Expat Condos and you can also look at how you might even start owning a place with that rent money.  You might even find the kind of deal that suits your taste and budget for one month!

Are These Pattaya Serviced Apartments For You?

Whether or not you'll get a place that's serviced - it's important to know that you do have other options.  Too many serviced places figure that you'd be okay with paying a premium price for things in exchange for not knowing.  You can choose for yourself what works better for you now...whether you're staying a few days or a few months.

In any case - have fun in Pattaya!

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