The Thailand Flag and
Thai National Anthem

Thais love displaying the Thailand flag and you can buy one easily in many stores and stalls.

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Thai people are proud of their country's history and the generous display of the flag shows that.

It is not at all unusual to see giant Thai flags flying over large company buildings.

International Thai companies have sets of flag poles in front of their main offices.

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The Flag of Thailand

The flag of Thailand is easy to confuse with the flag of Costa Rica which has the same colors; Blue, white and red.

Thailand's flag shows five strips: Red, white, blue, white and red.

The colors stand for

 • Nation

 • Religion

 • King

The blue color stands for 'Friday' – the day King Vajiravut was born-1st January 1880-.

The story also goes that blue stood for showing solidarity with the Allies of World War I, which also had the colors blue-red-white in their flags.

Have you ever heard the National Anthem of Thailand?  Ever wondered what it meant?

Thai National Anthem

"Thailand is founded on the blood and flesh Thai people share,

Every portion of the land belongs to us, thus we must care;

The reason why this country still exists

Is because the Thai people have long loved one another and been united.

We Thai are peace loving people but in time of war uncowardly,we'll fight to the bitter end.

None is allowed to oppress and destroy our independence;

To sacrifice every droplet of blood as a national offering, we are always ready,

For the sake of our country's progress and victory.


Get To Know Thailand

I think it's great that you've taken an interest in Thai culture and language.  I was always curious whenever I went to see a movie or when it was the Majesties' birthdays.  You could hear the national anthem of Thailand.  You could also see just how proud the Thais can be of their country.

So why not join in on it?  It would be a great cultural experience!  Next time you hear the anthem or see the flag - how about thinking of its' meaning to the Thais? 

Have fun getting to know them!

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