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Do you have some Thailand stories you want to share?

Maybe you have stories about Thailand that would benefit others.  Whether you live in Thailand or just came by as a visitor - you've most surely seen things that took your breath away.  This can either be in a good way or a bad way.  If you've had experiences similar to me then you've probably had both!

This is a page on devoted to stories and articles about the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand. Read or Share what fascinated you, attracted you to the Land of Smiles, or any other topic you would love to share with others.

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You are not required to give us your name, e-mail address, location, Bank account#, medical history, or SS# in order to submit a review or a story.

If you would like to remain anonymous leave the name and location portion of the form blank and on the question confirmation page you can choose not to receive e-mail notifications.

But - please give your review or Thailand story a title.

Add a picture if you want to make your story more vivid.

Once you've shared your story you will get an email from me thanking you and making sure that everything is good. 

If you notice you might get comments or feedback on your story.  You might even have someone who can relate to it in a personal way!  The best part of sharing a story is how you get when you reflect on your own life experiences.

I just want to thank you in advance for helping out visitors on this site get the most real and vivid experience of Thailand before they venture into the Land of Smiles.

While you're here you've very welcome to check out other peoples' stories and experiences about Thailand.  Some of the stories might even have pictures of places you've been to.  I know that it always brought back memories when I read some stories of people in Thailand.

I know that I've met people and read stories here that were similar to mine.  This made me realize that I wasn't alone after all.  This can be true with your worst stories especially - who knows how many people have been through the same thing? 

In any case - Enjoy what you read and feel free to come back for more.

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