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Translate Thai to English or translate English to Thai is not an easy task but there is an excellent new software.

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I am not someone who just buys things.

I hate shopping and I hate spending money but I am learning Thai and I am attending a Thai language school and have been looking everywhere for a good translation tool.

Google Translate fits that bill and you can try it out by clicking on the link. 

Learning Thai is not easy but you most certainly will have wonderful time with Thai people if you try to speak their language.

One word everyone understands is a smile.

Wear it generously in Thailand and it will be returned a thousand fold especially if you venture into the rural areas of Thailand.

Best Times To Practice Thai

Why not practice your thai during your day-to-day life?  You can start with

 • ordering food

 • giving directions to a cab driver

 • buying things

You can start out with doing these things in the language and you'll be surprised at a few things:

You'll sound funny. This language has to be one of the funniest sounding languages in the world.  Not just that but there will be many new sounds that you've never heard come out of your mouth before.  You'll catch yourself giggling at yourself.  I think self-congratulating is in order for working on the language.

Thais will think you sound funny.  The biggest surprise is how most Thais will respond to your Thai.  They'll think it's good that you're practicing their language but they'll find your sounds just as funny.  It takes time to get the accent and tones right.  It's just harmless fun.  I'm sure you've laughed at some foreigners speaking your language - I know I have!

You'll get treated differently.  All joking aside - you will get treated differently.  For one thing the Thais will treat you more like a local rather than a tourist  (they won't hustle you as much.)  You'll also get more done for you and more signs of respect from the locals.

When Will You Need To Translate English To Thai?

There are many locals in Pattaya (or anywhere in Thailand) who just don't speak English.  This may be

 • shop vendors

 • restaurant owners

 • taxi drivers

Some will just outright ignore you because they don't want to deal with figuring out English.

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