#1 of The Bangkok Airport Hotels Is Actually This Little Guesthouse

Tired of the typical Bangkok airport hotels?

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How about this exclusive guesthouse?

Depending on what you like and how much you want to spend...

You have several choices.

Let me tell you about the Guesthouse I usually stay in.

The Thai family owned and operated:

"Sananwan Palace".

This Guesthouse is actually located in a district called "Bangpli".

Sananwan Palace is about a 25 minute drive from Suvarnabhumi airport by taxi.

Best Way To Get To This Hotel Bangkok Airport

The Sananwan Palace Guesthouse offers a pick up and drop off from and to the airport at about the same fare.

I took a metered taxi from the airport and it turned out to cost as much as the hotel's taxi service.

The taxi fare is about 400 Baht. 300 Baht plus the airport fee which is 50 Baht. So with Tip it costs about 400 Baht.

I recommend you take advantage of their taxi service then you won't have to stand in line for a taxi at the airport... after a long flight.

I did not book in advance and they only had a room with a fan for me which was okay with me. So booking in advance with them is recommended.

Definitely book in advance if you want a room with Air-conditioning It has a nice and relaxed atmosphere and is very affordable.

"How Much For a Room?"

  • 300 Baht room with fan
  • 600 Baht room with Air Con.

The guesthouse has a nice swimming pool, a sauna and gym.

It's a little oasis in the Bangkok area.

hotel bangkok airport
sananwan palace

They have safe lock boxes for your valuables and a nice sitting area downstairs where you can enjoy their great food selection.

Sometimes you wonder how Thai people can make a delicious Thai dish in 5 minutes.

Of course you can also enjoy your food upstairs by the pool, a very nicely decorated place as you may be able to tell by the pictures I took.

Besides that Sananwan Palace is a great guest house...

You also have the opportunity to venture outside and take a walk to the Temple close by.

You won't see many foreigners if any at all. The area is all Thai.

While You're There...Check This Out!

The temple is well worth a visit and is only a 5 minutes walk from the guesthouse.

The Thai people are very friendly here and wave or stop you in the street to ask you what your name is or where you are from.

sananwan temple hotel bangkok airport
sananwan temple hotel bangkok airport

Behind the temple you have the canal and a hundred year old wooded market which is a very interesting old style market built over the canal.

Steven Seagal filmed part of the movie "Belly of The Beast" here.

sananwan palace hotel bangkok airport

There is a pedestrian bridge behind the market which will take you to a shopping center.

The "Big C".

It's a good place to go shopping or exchange money if you need to. Make sure you have your Passport and a business card of the guesthouse on you since you need the address of the guesthouse and passport at the bank.

All in all the Sananwan Palace is a very nice guesthouse and a great area to visit before you travel to your next destination.

Feel free to say hi to the family that owns the place too!

They are very friendly and like most families in Thailand they will make you feel at home for as long as you're there.

sananwan palace hotel bangkok airport

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