Fishing in Pattaya

Game fishing in Pattaya in the Gulf of Siam or around the islands is nothing like the same sport you find off the British coast.

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It is more related to shark fishing off the British coast but without the frozen hands.

What makes the style of fishing here unique are the restrictions imposed by the boats used.

They are mostly 32-footer fishing boats with a top speed of around eights knots.

That means that when you hook a big one, and out in the Gulf there are a few of those, there is no way that you can run with it.

Instead, the thing to do is to anchor the boat and run round the deck playing the fish until it tires.

It is pretty strenuous but very satisfying, once you get the fish reeled in.

fishing in pattaya

In Florida game fishing is different than fishing in Pattaya, the boat goes with the fish. The huge motors mean that once a fish is hooked and you are safely strapped into your seat you don not have to worry too much about running out of line or the fish having time to circle round and run under the boat.

The powerful boats can most of the times out-maneuver the fish.

In British waters, maybe because of the cold, the sharks tend to be less active and in fact, at times, disappointingly docile allowing themselves to be hauled alongside the boat before putting up a fight.

It is only when you pick up a conger eel on the line that you have a fight on your hands from the start.

So, game fishing in Pattaya can be quite an exciting challenge, The fish tend to be big and always put up a good fight so visiting fishermen will not be disappointed.

Pattaya "Angler" Ralf Bernard Catches a Fish

Many of them, who have gone fishing in Pattaya for the big ones in Pattaya waters, really enjoyed themselves and said they would be back for more.

It is a different technique, and you could almost say it is a different sport altogether.

On rare occasions you have to wait for hours before anything happens. You need a good skipper who knows the waters. There are not so many game fish here as in Florida so you have to know where to go and when.

The fish are very seasonal. There are different fish in different places depending upon the time of the year.

Get The Right Skipper

There are skippers here who have a "nose" for the fishing grounds. It is amazing when, right in the middle of nowhere with nothing but water for miles, the skipper will suddenly announce, "Fish here". And sure enough, he is right.

Once you hook a fish, it is rare that you lose it. If it starts to circle the boat, then you just have to follow it round. If necessary, you have to climb over or under the other rods to hang onto the fish. Then, if it is a really big one or it turns out to a long fight, the other fishermen o board will have to pull in their rods and give you a hand.

In this case, all of you can be completely exhausted by the end of the day and have to spend the next few days relaxing, but it is a great game.

Most of the fish caught in the Gulf make good eating. It is a wonderful excuse for a moonlight barbeque.

What's The Best Kind of Fish To Catch?

One of the most exciting and beautiful fish to hook while fishing in Pattaya is the sailfish. You can not really appreciate the beauty of it unless you see it leaping out of the water. The colors are so brilliant, so blue.

They fade rapidly once the fish is landed. It is called the "ballerina of the sea". It will get right up out of the water and onto its tail and whip across the sea for 50 meters or more. It is a really glorious sight.

And fight. You really know you have got a fish on the end of your line when you hook a sailfish. They are so fast and cunning. Just like a shark. They will go deep and wait until you are right over them, then flash under the boat and surface on the opposite side.

You have got to be quick and good if you don not want to lose it.

It is not only sailfish and shark that can be caught off Pattaya's shore. Depending upon the time of the year, there are to be found many other species such as Sailfish, marlin, king mackerel, barracuda, jackfish, pompano, cobia, queenfish, shark, ray, guitar fish, dolphinfish and more.

Check Out Some of The Fish Caught

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King Mackerel
Horse Mackerel
Much Point Mackerel
Shark Fishing in Pattaya
Pampano - Spearfish -Jackfish

fishing in pattaya

If you want to catch big fish in Pattaya, you need to know who to go fishing in Pattaya with someone who knows the waters like the inside of his pocket, has a boat geared for fishing, the right equipment, and you will be on a fishing trip in Pattaya that you won't forget.

fishing in pattaya

Ralf has been 1 of the two best "Anglers" in Pattaya and around the islands of Pattaya for almost 20 years.

Want to go fishing with Ralf Bernard? Send him an email. He will get back to you when he comes back from fishing. He would love to hear from fellow fishermen. Seasoned fishermen, beginners and the curious alike are welcome. Make your visit to Pattaya a memorable one.

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