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Looking for fishing venues in Pattaya?

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If you like getting game then the Pattaya fishing park may be one great places you would enjoy.

Visiting the park makes for a great day's outing.

The Fishing Park is south of Pattaya and they charge you 400 Baht a day.

They are open from 10 am to 11 pm.

Guides will be assisting you if you need help with the rods or bait.

The main fish to be hooked here are catfish. You can order food and drinks.

There are other fishing parks in Pattaya but this is the most visited and liked by people.

If you would like to go deep sea fishing in Pattaya, I would recommend you contact Ralf from this page and he can organize a boat charter.

Catch Fish Like This

What You'll Love About Fishing

What you can do as well (if you can) is catch fish and cook it there and then.  There are boats you can hire at Pattaya's harbor that will

 • take you off the coast of the city

 • give you the chance to catch fish

 • have the skipper cook the fish 'Thai style' with rice

I have to tell you - that fish you'll eat will be the most delicious seafood you'll ever have.

Afterwards you can even go swimming as the skipper takes you near a deserted white-sand beach.

Bring Friends Along

Whether you're a seasoned fisher or are trying it for the first time - how about bringing friends along?  Or you can bring some "newfound" friends that you met the night before.

They've never gone fishing and would likely enjoy the experience.  You also get to do more than show how good of a fisher you are - you get to let them eat it fresh!  Go swimming afterwards and rest on the beach.

You'll enjoy having them around...unless they get seasick easily!

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