Hotel Deals in Koh Samui
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There are always hotel deals in Koh Samui.

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The most important thing you can do first is to find what type of beach you prefer.  

There's always a hotel offering a special deal somewhere in Koh Samui - its just a question of finding something that works better for you.

So what can you do that will help you get the best deal for a hotel room?

Get a Place For The Night

When you've gotten the hotel I recommend getting the hotel room for just one night.  Once you've done that you'll be fine for the night. 

The next day you can walk around town and find a more convenient hotel nearby.  There are plenty of places especially around the tourist spots.  So give yourself the chance to find a place that suits you better.

Would you rather be at

 • Ang Thong

 • Maret

 • Koh Samui proper?

Once you've looked around and found something that you like - you can easily search around for a place you enjoy.

You have a hotel room - what next?

What Else You Can Do

hotels koh samui
hotels koh samui

Whilst you are on Koh Samui you may also want to visit Koh Phangan Island. While Koh Phangan is famous for its Full Moon Parties which are held once a month on full moon night it has tranquil white sandy beaches.

If you're up for the partying be sure to know where you'll want to sleep (when the time comes.)  Would you prefer a hotel room at all? Or maybe a tent?

There are great places to enjoy Koh Phangan's nature and re-charge your soul, mind and body.  Many friends have come to this island to do that.  I'm sure you'll have fun doing it too.

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