Pattaya Festivals in
Thailand - Songkran

The Pattaya festivals are fun filled adventures.

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Pattaya during Songkran is a lot of fun.

So much fun!

Like water or not you'll have

 • water thrown at you

 • shot at you or

 • maybe you will be hosed down where ever you go!

The video below will give you a better idea of what to expect.

It's one of the many fun Holidays in Thailand that brings people from all over the world.

The streets are filled with people throwing water at each other and passersby.

It's like being a child again!

What Happens During Sonkran

Pick-up trucks loaded with barrels of water, lots of laughter, dancing Thai people and Foreigners having fun.
You will be drenched from garden hoses or shot with water guns.

sonkran festival in pattaya

The water is to wash away the old and bad, and start a New Year with prosperity and Good Luck.

Powder is being used to mark each other and originated as mark of blessings.

It is a time when Thais

 • Celebrate at the monasteries

 • pray

 • give offerings to the monks.

Buddha images are being cleansed by gently pouring water mixed with fragrances over the Buddha statues and images.

People make New Year resolutions.

Songkran in Pattaya is celebrated from April 17th through April 20th but it is known to last longer in Pattaya.

Why These Are a Good Idea

April is the hottest month in Thailand and temperatures can rise to 40 degrees C or 100 degrees F.

Many tourists return to Pattaya each year for the Songkran and also the Loy Krathong celebrations.

It's a Wild Party and the Water Festival combined with the Night Life will leave you with Lifetime memories. People are having fun all over Thailand during the Songkran festival and that's where everybody is drenched in water.

Anyway - enough words.  Let's watch a movie!

Click on the start button in the lower left corner

When Do We Get To Experience This?

In the traditional calendar - New Year comes on April 13. 

In the Thai New Year (better known as Songkran) is an occasion not only for merit-making but also for pure fun and enjoyment.

The occasion where people go around drenching one another with water from cups, buckets, hoses and in this day and age water guns. The weather in Pattaya is the hottest in April, it is the time everybody looks forward to a splash of water.

Thailand....the word means 'Land of the Free' and this holiday is a great expression of the word.
Other activities during the three days of celebration are making merit with the monks, pouring water on the monks, Buddha images, respected elders and as you have seen just about anyone.

Sonkran is the most important holiday for most Thais...more than any other and many Thais go home to celebrate with their families. This is the holiday where people ask their employers for more time off work to celebrate, unless they work for the government.

In any case it's a great time to check out Sonkran in Pattaya.

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