Are Pattaya Ladies Too
Money-Hungry To Date?

Have you ever seen beautiful Pattaya ladies or experienced the Pattaya Thailand nightlife?

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People from all around the world come here to explore the fascinating world of cabarets and gogo bars.

Many men come here to meet and find love from one of the beautiful Pattaya women.

We've all heard that falling in love with a Thai woman who works in one of those gogo-bars is hazardous to your heart and wallet (being that they give 'love for money'.)

What we haven't explored is 'why' exactly that's dangerous and if we can make these Pattaya women love us for who we are.

Personally I think that there are many things to consider if you're thinking of dating one of the Pattaya ladies who works at a gogo bar.

You see - the Pattaya Thailand nightlife only shows us what's on the surface: beautiful women giving and making 'love' for money (which is something we Westerners avoid.)

If you go deeper you'll find a more complex dynamic that if you're aware of: you can be happy with one (or several) of the beautiful Pattaya women.

The Gogo Girls' Situation

pattaya ladies

We like to believe that these Pattaya ladies work because they were either abducted into this work and/or their family sold them to it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of these women are from very poor villages in Issan.

They hear that you can make a lot of money in Pattaya (and watching in awe as some of the village's women who are working in Pattaya buy houses for their families.)

Naturally since they care for their families and are living in poor villages they leap at the chance to make good money! So they come to work as hostesses and gogo bar dancers.

The jobs in Pattaya are very demanding and they quickly become disillusioned.

That being said they make much better money than they would have if they had stayed in their village.

So Pattaya girls work for money but that's not all.

They are also looking for a partner who will support them.

Foreigners (or 'Farangs') have a good reputation for being wealthy and can easily support them and their families.

Sadly most foreigners think that if they date one of these women that she's only interested in how his money can help her and her family.

Well, yes and no. In Asia 'love' Is different than in the West.   Back home we tend to view relationships based on 'love'.

In other words our partner likes us for who we are (or so we like to believe) rather than the contents in our wallet or our social status. In Asia your social status and financial situation play a much bigger role in determining your relationship.

This is valid whether dating in Thailand or anywhere else in Asia.

In any case get more tips on dating Pattaya girls and prepare yourself for when you arrive.  Each person in the relationship is supposed to play a role.

The man is supposed to provide for the families and lead the relationship. The woman is supposed to follow and make love to her man when he wants it.

"So...What Does That Mean?"

If you're going to be in a relationship with a Thai woman (whether or not one of the beautiful Pattaya ladies) you're going to have to provide. 'Love' as Westerners know is still a foreign concept in Asia - although that's changing albeit slowly.

"Don't Pattaya Girls Fall In 'Love'?"

Of course they do.

Pattaya women have feelings and yes they feel infatuation or 'love'. The difference is that in Thai culture 'love' doesn't hold as much value as 'family wishes' or 'generosity'. So when you're dating one of the Pattaya ladies then expect to have her assess your relationship-compatibility based on those other factors.

How Pattaya Ladies Compare With Other Asian Ladies

Pattaya women are similar in a lot of ways to other beautiful Asian ladies.

They want to take care of their family, values their reputation and although they're curious about the 'Western' man they are genuinely hesitant (unless they're desperate.) Yes I've seen Westerners get flat-out rejected by gogo-girls who have choice so it does happen!

In any case I recommend keeping these differences in mind as you seek out your ideal Thai woman from Pattaya. You can find 'love' but it's a different kind of love and if you want to date a Pattaya woman I recommend understanding that.

In any case - good luck! ;-)

Dan Bloom with and

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