Erotic Thai Massage...
A Westernized Term
And Massage "Style"

Thai Massages have nothing to do with what is called an "Erotic Thai Massage".

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Some of the best massages you can get in Thailand you will find on the beaches.

You may find an older lady who has been massaging for decades and some of them are very, very good.

Of course they are not all older ladies.

Most parlors outside the tourist destinations in Thailand are usually offering genuine Thai traditional massages.

Proper masseuses or masseurs who actually went to a Thai Massage school practice them.

In places like Pattaya there are an abundance of massage parlors and many of the Ladies in these parlors are trained in healing your private parts.

"Where Can I find A Parlor?"

That is not to say that there are not good and genuine massage parlors in tourist areas, because there are, but many of them are geared towards the "erotic - Thai massage" which may include a special treatment for the special body part.

erotic thai massage with extra body part in mind.
"erotic" thai massage on the beach of pattaya

Some of the "soapy massage parlors" can also be found in Pattaya. The most popular are

 • Sabailand

 • Sabai Dee Massage

 • and Sabai Dee Room.

The Erotic Experience

Once you decide on it you'll be brought to a 'private' location.  This is where you'll be asked to take your clothes off and told to relax.   Once you begin the experience you'll find out how professional some of these 'masseuses' can be.  When you're done you can choose to leave a tip (always appreciated and remembered for next time) or not. 

You'll be able to take a shower and collect your belongings (most places don't steal.)  Then you'll be asked to go to the cashier and pay (if not already.)

Is it worth the experience?  It's up to you.  Many expats have just tried it for the sake of trying it.  Some love it and others don't.  Then again it's one of those things you've just 'got to try'.

Have fun! ;-)

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