Thai Full Body Massage
Have You Had A Massage Today?

Thinking about getting your first Thai full body massage in Thailand?

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Unless you know where you're going you might end up getting the kind of personal massage you didn't want!

So where would you recommend starting out and how does it work?

Personally I'd say go to the tourist ones first. 

Chances are they speak your language and the price will be fair.

You can find some on the strip between 2nd road and walking street.

I take my friends there and it's always a good experience...

So what can you expect out of the massage and how does it work?

Why Do They Feel...So Good?

The Thai full body massage follows energy lines similar to the meridians in acupuncture: 

thai full body massage

It involves stretching and deep tissue stimulating.

As far as we're concerned:  it's relaxing, and energizing.  They are an hour of pure pleasure.

In fact depending on the venue you can find a place that complements the experience with

 • enchanting music

 • candle light or dim lighting

 • smells that soothe the mind

Imagine experiencing that right now and you'll find yourself wanting to go to one...or maybe it's just me?

So where did it come from?

Where Does The Thai Full Body Massage Come From?

Legend has it that Buddha's own Physician ' Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha' brought the Thai massage roughly 2500 years ago.

The techniques and philosophies behind it was and still is part of Thai medicine.

At one point traditional Chinese medicine influenced Ayurvedic principles and techniques.

In fact you had

 • monks

 • healers

 • midwives

 • medical practitioners

using Thai massages on their clients.  Nowadays health care professionals practice them around the globe. 

Take a look at the two of the many parts of it.

Stimulate The Energy Lines

Thai Deep Massage

Are You Ready For Yours Yet?

Once you come here and go to a proper parlor you'll feel in a state of ecstacy. The best part is that it won't cost you more than 500 baht.  It will last roughly an hour and afterwards you'll be treated to warm herbal tea.

If you want you can either continue the night at Walking Street or go for walk on the beach.  Or you can just go back for another hour!

In any case - have a great time in Pattaya.

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