Pattaya Massage Parlors
"Genuine" "Adult" Massages

Pattaya Massage Parlors are all over the city just about in any street or alley.

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Many of these Massage places are tailored to the adult male visitor's needs.

Then again - there are some very good 'real' massage parlors if you are into

 • a relaxing massage 

 • traditional Thai style massage which could be called a "Yoga massage"

 • an "adult" massage

In order to say that you visited Pattaya, and Thailand for that matter, you have to get a massage.

Thai traditional style massage

massage in Pattaya from a blind man

If you are looking for a good Thai traditional style massage, I am one of the many people who would suggest the blind man massage in Naklua.

If you prefer to be massaged by a Thai woman, there are blind women (masseuses) as well.

They have a wonderful completely newly remodeled location with

 • sauna

 • swimming pool

 • shower

 • gym

 • restaurant

and everything that a topnotch health facility needs.

They have blind women as well. The Place is called:

Sim Sauna Herb Steam Thai Massage...By Blind Man...

Everything is Brand New

New showers, saunas, massage rooms, gym, swimming name it they got it.

Even in this tropical climate here in Pattaya the herbal sauna is great. Great if you want to spend a day in a health club style facility after a night out in Pattaya in Walking Street.

There seem to be a lot of customers who are regulars and apparently this facility is one reason for their vacation in Pattaya.

blind man massage room pattaya
pool at blind man massage parlor pattaya

Here are just a few treatments they offer :

  • Thai Traditional Massage
  • Herb Steam and Sauna
  • Compress Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Beauty Salon
  • Oil Massage
  • Body Scrub
  • Fitness

Not all those treatments are done by Blind men and women. They also have a Beauty Salon and do haircuts and shaving...and yes you guessed it right these are done by people who have good vision. From manicure at 70 Baht to Sea weed facial mask at 170 Baht.

The Compress Massage

A massage done with a mixture of Thai herbal leaves steamed in a little cotton plaster and is compressed on certain points of the body. This is an extremely relaxing massage. I myself like to start with the herbal sauna which I find very relaxing and you really smell great after the sauna. Just about right for a Thai physical massage.

Direction to Sim Sauna Herb Steam Thai Massage...By Blind Men...:
From the Dolphin Roundabout in Naklua it's only several hundred meters to Soi Naklua 22 (Soi Ping Pha) on your left hand side. Take a left on Soi Naklua 22 or Soi Naklua 20.

The Massage place has an entrance on either Soi. Just watch out for the sign. You can't miss it but if you can not find it just ask a Thai in those Sois. They will know where the blind men Pattaya massage location is. It's been there for a long time.

You can rent a safety locker for a 100 hundred Baht Deposit and I would make use of it so you can just relax and enjoy your massages and you don't have to worry about your valuables while you are drifting off into heaven.

Blind people are very good at massages probably because they have to feel and not see what they are doing. Give it a try while you are in Pattaya and I am sure you too will enjoy it.

Foot massages, oil massages and Thai style Pattaya massage parlors are plentiful. With prices starting at 150 baht for an hour of massage, this is a must do and enjoy.

Sabailand in Pattaya

Sabailand in Pattaya

Pattaya Massage

Foot Massage Pattaya Massage

Massage Pattaya

Sabai Dee Pattaya Massage

'Adult' Massage parlors don't advertise the manual happy end with much more than sometimes advertising it as a body or physical massage. I have seen signs like "1 hour happy hands massage" and it seems obvious what that means in Pattaya.

These massages usually cost 300-600 Baht for 1-2 hours and the happy end is oftentimes included in the price. You may have to ask for your happy ending though and maybe give a tip for the optional "extra".

Pattaya massage parlors of the above mentioned adult nature are really just about anywhere in Pattaya and the best you can do is to just walk around the Sois.

There are many Pattaya massage parlors in the Sois or alleys from Beach Road to 2nd Road, up to Soi Buakaow and further on to 3rd Road. Some of these Massage parlors disappear just as fast as they opened. Usually there are several girls sitting in front of the massage parlor.

If the girls call you by your favorite title (sexy Man), you can be assured you have come to the right place. Sometimes this may be emphasized with a hug or arm pulling, in which case you can be dead sure.

Here Are A Few Recommended Adult Oriented Parlors :

pattaya massage girl
  • Dream Teen Massage
    Soi 21, Central Pattaya
  • Sabai Dee Massage
  • 435/52 Moo 9, 2nd Road
    Tel: 038 361 660 / 038 428 137
  • Sabai Land
  • 102/1 Moo 9, Soi 3
    Tel: 038 429 037 / 038 422 806
  • Sabai Room
  • 78/20 Moo 9, 2nd Road
    Tel: 038 429 170

Sabai Land is the most famous in Pattaya for a soapy massage. Sometimes referred to as "white water rafting" which is self explanatory once you become the raft. These soapies will cost somewhere around 1500-1600 baht and are a mandatory experience for the single male Pattaya visitor.

Some 30-40 absolutely gorgeous, neatly dressed, smiling and waving Thai Hostesses awaiting you to pick one of them. They are seated behind a glass wall also referred to as "fish tank". The girls are wearing a number to make it easy for you to pick the one that tickles your fancy.

The 1500-1600 baht include a full service experience including the "white water rafting" which takes place on an air bed. Rain coats also referred to as condoms are not just recommended but also insisted upon. As with all services in Thailand and Pattaya, tipping is optional although I am afraid you will be asked for a "tip" afterwards.

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