Thai Music, Carabao
and Traditional Music

Would you enjoy listening to Thai music videos, songs and dance videos?

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From Rock and Pop to Traditional Music - there's a range that you wouldn't expect at first.

In fact to be honest when I first listened to is I couldn't stand the sounds.

Now it's different. 

After living here for a while and being introduced to its diversity I found things that I genuinely enjoy.

I've even started trying to repeat the chorus in some of them!

In any case - I hope you enjoy listening to Thai Music as much as I do.

Check Out Some Thai Rock

I have to admit - I'm a big fan of Thailand's rock.  Here is just one of the songs that I enjoy listening to. 

Artist 'Curabao' made this song.  Yes it's genuinely "Made in Thailand"! ;-)

Here are the lyrics:

Made in Thailand, the land of us Thai. We have cultivated the old culture and have many good things from before Sukhothai, then Lopburi, Ayuthaya, Thonburi?and now Bangkok, the city where people fall into sewer pipes. (Oh no, don?t say such a thing about them.)

Made in Thailand,. Thailand produces it. The way we dance and sing is so graceful in style. Farangs secretly admire, but Thai people don?t see their own culture. They are afraid to be blamed for their outdated values. (Made in Thailand? Who will guarantee it for me? Huh!... I think there should be somebody responsible for this.)

Made in Thailand. Understand that they are the products of Thai people. We use them ourselves and produce them ourselves. We sew clothes, pants, jeans and export them and then import them back. Thai people get the pride and farangs get the money. (Oh, yeah!)

Made in Thailand. Products that hang in stores are labeled ?Made in Japan?. They sell well and Thai people can brag that they are imported from overseas. They are not deceiving us, but we deceive ourselves.

Did you like it?  Check our Thai Rock Music by Sek Loso.

More of Curabao's Music

Check out some more of his popular songs...

This one is called: "Khon Lah Fhan".

"Welcome To Thailand"

Carabao and 'Thaitanium'.  One of his latest hits called 'Sud Kob Fah'.  I'm a big fan of this song. I just really like Carabao's voice in it.  I never thought the Thai language had potential as musical language - this song proved me wrong.  Check it out!

Did you like it? I hope you did.  Get to know the music will help you get to know the culture.


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