Thai Wifes
Thailand Wives

Discover more about Western men and their Thai wifes /wives.

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There is enough evidence and telling by the numbers of single men who are coming to Thailand.

There's also a growing number of Thai/Western couples one can see on the streets.

Obviously...more and more men come to Thailand to find a Thai wife.

Without a doubt there is a huge cultural gap between Westerners and Thai people but there are also other differences beyond

 • food

 • music

 • religion

 • upbringing.

Many men meet their Thai wives in establishments that may create more "gaps" and bigger ones.

It's About Location...Location...Location

thai wifes

A relationship with a women, or man for that matter, is not a piece of real estate but it may matter where you meet your partner in Thailand.

Did you meet her in a bar or a gogo (or any place like that).

Many foreigners coming to Thailand meet their partner in such places and are oftentimes not aware of how the past baggage may influence the course of the relationship.

When you search online for "Thai Wifes" mostly you find "tips" on how to find a Thai Wife or some mail order bride guide.

With this page I hope that some of you guys or girls out there will share

 • the good

 • the bad

 • and the ugly.

You can do so by submitting your story at the bottom of this page.

I want to know about men and their Thai wifes /wives.

Your story could help someone understand where he is at in his relationship or marriage.

Men who live in Thailand with their Thai Lady and those who live in their home country with her - please submit your story!

Read Other People's Stories Below

There are so many horror stories of men who found their Thai Girl/Lady in a bar. After weeks, months or even years these men realize that it doesn't work out or that they have been lied to.

All the woman wanted was money and support for her poor family back in Issan. In order to understand how poor some of these families are - a visit to Isaan would be an eye-opener.

Having lived in Pattaya for some time I have met my share of disheartened men who after some time realize that it is true that it is next to impossible to find "Thai love" or at least a loving relationship with a Thai girl who was one of the bar girls in Pattaya.

It has to be understood that the reason women work in bars is to make money. Some of these girls have been working in bars for a long time and it may be impossible to have a "real" relationship with a bar girl (a relationship that goes beyond money and support.)

Of course there are Thai women who work in a bar and who are genuinely looking for a good man. However, men who meet a woman in a bar may want to find out more about the background and past of their partner.

Almost all of the girls working in the above mentioned establishments need money and usually are single mothers. 

So supporting them is something the man would need to do if he wants her to stop working in a bar or similar establishment.

Many of the bar girls do not have a very good education and it is very hard for them to find a well paid job. 

What happened to you?

We want to know your story. Are you willing to share your story?

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