Pattaya Girls...Nightlife...
And The Beautiful Bar Girls

Many men have fallen for the beauty of the Pattaya girls.

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After all they are

 • beautiful

 • exotic

 • fun loving

 • feminine,

 • and take care of her man

Sounds like the right description for a woman you would like to meet?

It definitely is the description that comes to mind when talking about the girls in Pattaya.

Not only that but they are very social and can charm you into heaven!

How Many Women Can You Meet at Once?

pattaya girls dancing beach road

With an estimated 3,000 Entertainment venues and it's crazy and fun Nightlife - Pattaya is not a true representation of Thailand.

Even though geographically it is located in Thailand!

The women in Pattaya are not to be confused with women in Thailand living in Thai culture outside of that city (or any adult-oriented place.)

This "Sin City" is far from being a true representation of the rest of the country and it's culture.

Even though the girls working here will be going back to their families, family members usually do not know what the girls are doing in Pattaya. Eventually, most of these Pattaya girls want to go back to their families to live a Thai life with all its values and culture.

The estimated numbers of girls working in the adult industry in the city during high season are as high as 40,000. That does not mean that every girl or woman here works in the adult Industry!

"Where Are They And Where Do They Come From?"

The ones that do work in the Nightlife and "adult industry" work as Bar Girls in Beer bars or in Go Go bars, massage parlors or as 'freelancers' mainly along Beach Road are usually available as companions.

Most of these Thai girls come from Isaan, the poorer northeastern part of Thailand.

Some Girls come from Bangkok, some from the north and other parts of Thailand or maybe even from Laos or Cambodia.

The reason they come here is for economic reasons. Meaning they work in "Patts" to make money.

They come to work and that usually means work you 'the rich farang' and help you part from your money while offering you companionship.

Some of these girls may also hope to meet a 'rich white' man who will take care of them and their family.

From their point of view most or all farangs (foreigners) are rich...which compared to most Thai people is true with your spendable foreign currency while vacationing.

Want a Beautiful Partner?

Pattaya must be the easiest vacation destination for men to find beautiful women available for companionship for fairly little money compared with many other parts of the world.

The beauty and Femininity of Pattaya girls/Thai women can be quiet mesmerizing and some are turning heads where ever they go and may have been the cause for vehicular collisions.

Most men would agree that once you have been with a Thai woman it becomes hard to enjoy the company of their sisters in the western world where gender equality and feminism is on the rise.

Femininity seems almost something of the past in western societies and according to conversations with a lot of men in this city:  that is the main reason why they are seeking out the companionship of women in Pattaya.

The beautiful "Pattaya Girls" employed in the Adult Entertainment industry are the main attraction for many foreign men coming here.

Attention! You Will Fall in Love

smiling pattaya girls

No wonder, because these girls are not just

 • happy

 • beautiful

 • friendly and fun-loving

they also have this inner beauty and an ability to make men feel welcome and good about themselves.

It seems natural to them to make Pattaya visitors feel like royalty and it's impossible to take a walk in the city and not to fall in love about every 15 minutes.

That's why many men become Pattaya addicts and return as often as they possibly can.

If they don't move to Pattaya - they at least dream about living here...

...would you too?

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