Thailand Brothels - The True Story

In Thailand brothels don't officially exist since it is illegal and so is prostitution.

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The western mindset that Thailand is a sex haven has been thrown out of proportion.

In my humble opinion it would be like calling all Americans gamblers after visiting Las Vegas for a weekend and spending most of the time in casinos.

Also Pattaya and Bangkok's reputation doesn't help much.

Western men think that Thailand is a brothel when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Thais are certainly not liberal about sex.

Most never get to explore Thailand but stay in the tourist areas.

Prostitution in Thailand has been illegal since 1960, when a law was passed under pressure from the United Nations.

Pattaya and certain areas in Bangkok and other tourist areas are not a true representation of the rest of the country.

So...What Happens in Thailand?

thailand brothels

Because prostitution is illegal in Thailand they get around it by offering a bar fine system.

The customer pays the beer bar

 • gogo bar

 • massage parlours

 • or other establishment a bar fine.

The amount ranges from 200-600 Baht and is meant to cover loss of income suffered by the owner of the bar because of "losing" one of his/her employees.

A percentage of the bar fine is going to the employee. What happens after that is between the bar finer (Customer) and the bar fined (Thai lady).

Most establishments have a Mamasan (female supervisor) who works closely with the ladies. A mamasan can usually assist and help with any questions or requests since she usually knows the girls very well.

Many of the bar girls are very beautiful and very charming and there is always a little danger in getting involved with a bargirl in Thailand because they can also be very cunning and manipulative. Many foreigners fall in "love" and end up sending a bar girl money who is not faithful. Sometimes these girls can have several sponsors sending them money.

What About The Girls in These "Thailand Brothels"?

Girls working in beer bars and gogo bars are required to have an I.D card on file and carry an I.D card which gives the customer a certain degree of safety and knowledge of their age (in theory). See also age of consent to prevent underage Thais from working there.

Freelancers working in the streets are a less safe option for obvious reasons. Use of condoms should be mandatory in either case.

Not all hotels, and especially the more expensive hotels, will allow you to take a guest to your room overnight and sometimes the hotel may charge an additional fee. Some hotels require the guest to leave their I.D card with the reception to be picked up in the morning when the guest is leaving.

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